Oldswiss are freelance filmmakers Sam Crook and Gregory Gittins currently working from London/Sussex, UK and Stuttgart Germany.


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The Telescreen - Feather Clever - Official Video.

Music video for Frankie Cocoza and his band ‘The Telescreen’. Art Direction by Tom Palmer who built the 8ft wings for us.

Apocolypse Short Film - Short film Competition.

The Captain. Starring James Cutler.

Another 1 minute short we created for a competition recently. 

AZEDIA - RA. Music Video.

Months of VFX and editing went into this promo for EDM producers AZEDIA. Featuring Vicky Elston .


The latest in our videos of live Electronic music acts featuring the talented Foreign Skin for ROYALBEACH

TIGERCUB - Blue Blood. Music Video.

A promo video we did for Brighton Based musicians TIGERCUB. Catch them on tour this year and supporting this summers breakout rock group ROYAL BLOOD.

'Beyond' - Directed by Tom Large and Joseph Baker Feature Trailer.

Last year we had the honour of working with Big View media, Co-DoP’ing on their reshoots for their latest feature. Co Starring Paul Branigan who can be seen this year alongside Scarlett Johansson in Jonathan Glazers ‘Under The Skin’.

 ’The Crime’ Starring Thomas Armstrong.

The first in a series of 1 minute shorts we created with Dino Kazamia for a short film competition.

First in a new series for ROYALBEACH. Live event promotional Hype videos.



3rd Official ROYALBEACH Showcase. 

Newsome - Capricorn